Bryan Bone is a Vancouver based artist and public-school teacher.  Bryan graduated from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design where he majored in photography.  He subsequently graduated from UBC’s Bachelor of Education program to embark on a career as a public school visual arts high school teacher.  He has since completed additional degrees in ELL and Learning Resource teaching.

Bryan is a dedicated teacher and a proud “out” role model to his students in Richmond, B.C.  He volunteers tirelessly with his school and the school district to support safe inclusive opportunities for Richmond’s LGBTQ+ youth and allies.  Though early in his career he faced vicious homophobic harassment and bullying, Bryan came out to support his LGBTQ+ students. He vowed to himself to be the positive queer role model he never had in high school.  As a result, he has forged strong long lasting positive relationships with his students and their families.  Bryan also volunteers as the SOGI teacher lead for his school and acts as a mentor to his colleagues through collaboration and supporting professional development.



As a result of this dedication, Bryan was recognized as one of five British Columbian “Shining Stars of Pride” by the CBC.  

Bryan has been a fixture on Vancouver’s nightlife scene, particularly LGBTQ subcultures, since the early 1990’s.  This presence has had a profound impact on guiding his creative process and can be found thematically throughout his work.



While skilled in a wide range of media, Bryan prefers to express himself through his artistic journals.  Bryan sees these cluttered, colourful, densely layered volumes as both a metaphor for his own personality and as a way for him to navigate and interact with the world around him.

Bryan also finds inspiration in current events, pop culture and the rich cultures he immerses himself in on his world travels.  These themes are frequently explored throughout his artistic journals.


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