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MAY 2003 - JUNE 2005


This sketchbook is a celebration of art and life.  As an artist, my photographs are intertwined with my mixed media paintings, illustrations and collages. Themes explored in this volume include Vancouver Pride, gay life and culture, current events, pop culture, drag queens,  LGBTQ+ life and queer culture.  

Nightlife drives much of this book’s content.  My deep immersion in Vancouver’s rave, nightclub, EDM and festival communities inspired most of the art and photography featured.

The global politics of the time are also artistically explored frequently in this book. The global War on Terror, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, consumerism, terrorism, the industrial military complex, surveillance, corruption and oppression are explored in depth through mixed media  acrylic, ink and watercolour illustrations.

I hope that this sketchbook can inspire others with their scrapbooking ideas.

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