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SEPT 2022 - AUG 2023


This volume begins with a celebration of several of my drag queen performances in and around Vancouver, British Columbia. This is a celebration of LGBTQ+ pride and queer life.  This is followed by two watercolour portraits used for demonstrations to my high school art students: one of Marvel’s Scarlet Witch and another of Dr Strange.

The rest of the scrapbook entries are a travel journal from a creatively inspiring adventure to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

When I travel, I always learn directly from local artists at galleries and cultural events for inspiration and cultural understanding. Travel guides at historical sites, temples and religious monuments also shared a wealth of information and inspired my deep appreciation.  Mexican iconography like those of the Aztecs, the Day of the Dead, art and costumes are celebrated through collage and acrylic paintings intertwined with my photography.  Textiles, coins, brochures, maps, flyers and other items collected in Puerto Vallarta also enrich the pages of this scrapbook.

I hope that this sketchbook can inspire others in their travel journaling and scrapbooking ideas.

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