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JUNE 2011 - JULY 2013


This sketchbook is a celebration of life, art and travel.  As an artist, my photographs are intertwined with my mixed media paintings, illustrations and collages. Themes explored in this volume include Vancouver Pride,  LGBTQ+ life and queer culture, current events, pop culture, nightlife, clubbing, drag queens and drag culture.

An adventure to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (December 2011) is also celebrated in this book.  When I travel, I always learn directly from local artists for inspiration and cultural understanding.  Local colours, patterns and symbolism are celebrated and intertwined with my photography.  I learned from local artists at galleries and cultural events.  Travel guides at historical sites and monuments shared a wealth of information and inspired me with deep appreciation.  

Several years of Vancouver’s Pride parade and events are creatively represented in this volume.  Additionally, my watercolour portraits of Vancouver drag performers fill this book’s pages.

I hope that this sketchbook can inspire others in their travel journaling and scrapbooking ideas.

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